LeakLite 0.4.929

I had an old prototype old randomized RGB color curve generation routine lying around, so I added it into Leak Lite.

It generates separate Red/Green/Blue tonecurves with three points, adjusted by small amount to go a little bit off linear curve, so it looks something like a cross-processing effect. Since you can disable all other effects by unticking the checkboxes, LeakLite now functions as a color preset generator!

Leak Lite dialog


Download leaklite_r929.zip

Changes in version 0.4.929

  • Added shuffled RGB curves
  • Store checkboxes to preferences

Leak Lite 0.3.576

Fake colorsI’ve finally taken the time to update Leak Lite plugin for Lightroom 4.0’s new process version. While the process version changes were not that big, the release was mostly delayed by a single bug in the create snapshot button. Myself, I’m usually clicking few dozen times on the shuffle button, and if there are some promising settings shown, I create a snapshot of those settings, and just shuffle a bit more, just in case… After I’m done with the shuffling, I go back to snapshots and decide which one is the to publish and do if necessary, I do some final retouching. All the effects are lossless, so you can adjust them with Lightroom’s built-in gradient tools.


Download leaklite_r576.zip

Changes in version 0.3.576

  • Re-branding
  • Updated for Lightroom 4 and Process Version 2012
  • Added “Create snapshot” button
  • Added registration feature (removes nagscreen)
  • Added option to remove keywording