The Fader 0.5.384

FrozenLightroom 4.0 was released today, congratulations for the whole Lightroom team for another fine release!

Also, I decided to release update for The Fader to just celebrate that 🙂

This update provides the ability to fade between point curves (you know, the flip side of Tone Curve section). As the curves are not really “fadeable” directly, I’ve cooked up some Lagrange interpolation and just increasing amount of control points as necessary.

Here’s some screen captures — first the RGB curve settings of Lightroom’s built-in Cross Processing 3 preset:

Now use The Fader to blend in 50% of Cross Processing 1 preset. This preset has a straight RGB point curve, which should straighten the curves a bit.

Final result:

And as always, this is applied using the non-destructive pipeline, so you can freely edit the settings further yourself.



Changes in version 0.5.384

  • Support for fading tone curves (in PV2012 also RGB curves)
  • Fixed trashcan issue (again, it was accidentally commented out for debug)