Leak Lite is a Lightroom plugin, which replaces gradient adjustments with pseudo-random generative gradients simulating effects of light leak and film cross-processing. Or just funky colors, depending on your luck with the dices!

Get Leak Lite v0.4.929

Here’s a couple of examples. First one is the original, untouched image.

And of course, the user interface follows my strict traditions:

Clicking “Shuffle” will generate new random gradients, and checkboxes toggle different features (note that the random seeds remain same, so you can easily see if the set is better with e.g. saturation changes or not). Version 0.3 added “Create snapshot” button, so you can save settings as snapshots, and still continue shuffling for new, even better settings.

Version 0.3 also brought along support for Process Version 2012 (Lightroom 4.x).