Some frequently asked questions

Nothing happens when I try to use The Fader

The Fader uses current photo settings as starting value and selected preset as the 100% value. If you select same preset as you have already applied, nothing will happen. To fade out current photo preset, select “Lightroom General Presets / Zeroed”, then sliding from 0% to 100% will change your current photo settings down to flatter look.

Plugin installation

See The Fader video, first few seconds show how to install plugin (unzip, then File / Plug-in Manager / Add)

“Error occurred while installing plug-in” is a common error, which happens if you choose wrong folder or go inside the .lrplugin folder. Lightroom expects that you click ONCE the plugin container (.lrplugin) to highlight it and then click Add Plug-in.


Registration code is your Paypal transaction ID. It should work immediately after payment is processed, but if it does not start to work in few minutes, please mail to so I can check the status. If you pay by eCheck, it takes few days before the payment is processed, and once the payment is processed, the transaction ID will automatically be registered.

If you wish to register in bulk for multiple licences or if you have a EU business VAT ID and wish to register VAT exempt, please contact me first by email.


Mail to I will answer your mail typically in 24 hours, check your spam folder if you do not see a reply in few days time.

Company Info

Capture Monkey Ltd.
Domicile Jyväskylä, Finland
Business ID: FI26292275
VAT registered


  1. Hello, I totally love your Fader plugin, but would it be possible just to add an accelerator shortcut to the info.lua? I mean the & in front of the F letter in title section. I am Win user and I would really appreciate if I can run the script faster than tripple clicking all the time. If this is no issue, I will definetely buy the script afterwards. Thank you in advance.
    Cheers, Jan.

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately Lightroom’s menu shortcuts leave a lot to be desired. For plugins, there is always the plugin submenu, which is annoying, but it gets even more annoying when you realize that English language menu shortcut (u) is same for Plugin Extras and Clear Quick Collection. To me, it looks like no-one at Lightroom team is looking over these menu shortcuts, probably because these are Windows only.

      Anyway, I’ve given it another look and enabled the F key shortcut in new beta version, currently available from

      Menu shortcut works best from Library menu, where you can just type Alt-L U F, but Library menu is not available unless you are in Library mode. Both File and Help menu have duplicate entry for U key, so you need to press enter after it: Alt-F U enter F.

      Originally, I left this out because I hoped that there would be a better solution for this, but I don’t know if there are such utilities available for Windows.

      On Mac OS X, there is no such problem, because you can define OS level keyboard shortcuts in Preferences app. The only trick there is to know that menu item name is ”   The Fader” with three space characters in front (and no quotes).

  2. Ola,
    Spoke to you today about the fader on twitter. Managed to get it installed but the opacity slider is (faded out) along with a lock beside all of the variables. I cam select the preset but that is it.


    1. The registration form is in Lightroom Menu File -> Plugin Manager. Click register to open plugin payment form. The activation code is entered on the same page.

    1. Actually, it does work with them. The Fader can adjust all sliders and tone curves, but it can’t touch the color profile used.

        1. The publish plugin always makes a lossless exports with 1080 pixel size. Instagram app then makes it’s own compression.

  3. Just used instagram publisher for the first time about 10 seconds ago! Awesome!

    Few requests or maybe questions if I’m using it wrong…

    I do not have ability to have it use titles or captions
    SUGGESTION: It’d be great to take the title as the photo caption, and any in LR appended to the end, adding a # for each for instagram friendliness

    I do not have the ability to add location
    SUGGESTION: Link location info for location to instagram

    Lastly, when I use the enable updating comments on plugin, it does not do anything. I’m not sure what it is meant to do, but I was hoping it would pause the instagram upload just before PUBLISH is hit on android device. This way I can manually update each caption, hashtag, location, etc if I so choose (and until further updates are made to plugin.

    Sorry if this is a very demanding post! I love the plug in and plan on donating if [any] of these issues can be resolved.

    (Currently using plugin on WIN10 and LR 2015.3)

    1. The plugin does publish caption, but it is currently limited to those characters available on the Android keyboard (ASCII only, no special characters). Ability to publish comments separately would solve this issue, but my API key does not have such permission.

      I haven’t investigated the location features yet.

      “Update comments” means that Lightroom will read the comments published in Instagram and display those in Library Metadata Comments panel.

  4. Very Disappointing. ONE STAR

    While this app works as it shows to manipulate images, it takes up a huge chunk of the screen – more than half of what you’re working photo is at it’s largest or standard size.

    It is not very functional at the size it demands to lay on top of your work that you can not now see. Workflow is heavily impeded by it’s size and nature (non opaque, more than a simple bar as advertised in several videos on this site). The slider BOX can not be reduced in size by grabbing sides or corners. It further more is not a sweet ‘opaque bar’ like is shown in the video, I just can’t say that enough… It’s a huge honking box that doesn’t seem to have any way of reducing it’s size.

    I truly hope the designers can work this out as it is ___very misleading___ by __several__ of their videos and motivation to pay for all unlocked features. It feels very much like a bait and switch, especially for a product that is 5 yrs old with several updates. BTW, I did pay the $10 for the full features to unlock, I’m still not sure what better options I have by paying.

    Give me what your video shows as a slim slider where I can still work, and I’d give you a 5 star rating. Til then, I have no faith in any of your products. What you see is far from what you get.

    Review – Jan 20, 2016

    1. Based on your feedback, I’ve made changes for version 1.1.1300. It now has section toggles as a preference and defaults to old lean interface. Hope you like it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. I am using LR since about 5 years but it seems I am too stupid to use this plugin.
    It’s in the section in Presets and when I click something happens to the picture, it actually gets a lot brighter.
    But no slider is visible.
    I guess I do not understand what the tool does at all.
    It fades but WHAT does it fade?
    Does it take ALL development changes and allows to fade, or only one, or…..?

    1. It fades between the current photo develop settings before starting the plugin and the chosen preset: all the sliders, curves and adjustment layers which are part of the preset. You can either start from reseted photo (using The Fader to apply too strong preset only partially) or already processed photo, where you can partially apply Zeroed preset to move all sliders towards zero.

  6. Hi guys
    I have just paid for the Fader and have downloaded it and Lightroom says its active, but there are no filters other than what Lightroom had before I downloaded it.
    Can you help?

    1. It’s not a preset, but a plugin. You use it in combination with existing presets, allowing you to adjust strength and generate develop settings are mixed from two other presets.

      Select a photo, then open The Fader from File -> Plugin Extras, select a preset folder and a preset and then use opacity slider to adjust preset strength.

  7. Hi Jarnoh,

    Just tried Instagram plugin – great job!!!

    Onу suggestion – can you make an option (checkbox in settings) not to publish automatically? The reason is – you can edit caption/photo on a device/emulator before publishing it…it will be better to preview it in app before publication)

  8. Hi Jarnoh,
    I purchased The Fader a few days ago, right after I discovered it due to Anthony Morganti’s Lightroom Quick Tip video on YouTube. It is awesome, really really great. I never had the imagination that this could even be possible. I’ve played with Lightroom Presets for quite some time, but I wasn’t too happy with the “volatile” rendering of, say one preset on different images. Now I can tune them accordingly.

    So what is the USP of The Fader for me?
    I can now

    – fine tune the strength of each preset before applying it with one slider
    – have a full size (!) preview
    – analyze at a single glance which development module is used in the preset…
    – …and be able to deactivate each module
    – scroll through hundreds of Lighroom presets without cklicking any button, just with the mouse wheel to try them, without actually applying it*
    (*Lightroom will built up a history entry for each change / mouse wheel movement, but as usual you can always go back)

    Thank you for this great little piece of software.


  9. I purchased the lightroom to instagram plugin, and at first it worked. However after publishing I realized it resized my horizontal full frame photos properly, but the vertical portrait ones it said were not the proper ratio. So I went ahead and manually cropped those to 4×5, and hit mark to republish. I then manually deleted them from my instagram account, then hit publish. However those it already published, even though they are marked to republish, it didn’t do. So I’m left only with those that haven’t been published before. How do I republish photos?

    1. If the photo fails to publish because of crop ratio, it won’t go to republish state, because it is not yet published, so you have probably published it, when made metadata or develop setting changes, that’s how it went to republish state.

      Currently, the plugin does not do anything when you select republish, because it is not possible to replace the photo while keeping the same url. Similarly, delete only removes from local collection, and you must remove photos on the Instagram app.

      Currently, the way to publish new rendering is: 1. delete photo from publish collection, 2. press publish, 3. add photo to publish collection again, 4. press publish. And additionally, you probably also want to delete that old photo from Instagram app.

      I know this is a bit confusing and I’m hoping to improve this in the future.

      If you want to make crops less of hurdle, try adding the post-processing action for automatic cropping (right click publisher title for Publishing Manager, and on the left bottom side of the dialog, select action and click Insert)

  10. I got a new Mac and do not have the registration code anymore in my email also. Should I email you the my proof of purchase from PayPal to receive a new one?

  11. I’m running OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite) with Lightroom 3. Can I download a compatible version of the Fader? I’m assuming that the latest and greatest Fader is tuned to current versions of LR. I completely understand if prehistoric setups like my own aren’t supported!

  12. After updating to the most recent Lightroom version – Lightroom Classic CC, I’m getting an error message with almost all of my presets saying: “The current photo uses different process version than selected preset.” When this happens, it seems to affect the preview of the preset on the photo. What is causing this error message and is there something I can do to fix it?

    1. Adobe changed the process version for LR7, so the even though the sliders are the same, you do get this warning. Update the plugin to 1.1.1541, it has fixes for LR7 screen update and it also hides the warning between process version 4 (current) and 2012 (previous release).

  13. Others might be searching for the same, so asking in public:

    I reinstalled my Mac, and have to find the Paypal registration code to reactivate my CaptureMonkey plugins
    Paypal search isn’t the friendliest, and since I have no idea what the total amount was that I paid (Finnish VAT? Dutch VAT?), I am wondering what to look for in my Paypal history.
    “Instagram”, “LR” and “Capture”ofr “CaptureMonkey” come up with zero results. So I figure the payment was made to something that I cannot immediately think of. What would show up in my Paypal statement?

  14. Hi,
    I’m wondering why most LR Plugin developers do not group their plugins with their name or certain characters. Imagine having many plugins and then trying to remember based on FUNKY names to find where that plugin was… Now, Where was that, Who made it and Where do I find it… Should I go through all my plugins in Lightroom?

    What is wrong with adding CM or JCM or HELLO or something that GROUPS all your plugins instead of at random down the long list of Lightroom Plugins in the Plugin Manager!!

    Or…. does everybody have so much time to scroll through hundreds of Plugins and Presets??

  15. Was wonder if you could explain why you are still taking payments for a plugin that appears to be no longer supported by Lightroom, is this this matter going to be rectified or have I just wasted my time and money?????????????

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