Identifying sensors from Adobe DCP Camera Profiles

Risuaita Telkkämäki

Adobe just released Lightroom 5.7 update, which includes support for several new camera models.

One of the new models is Fujifilm X100T. As I do own the previous X100S model, I was wondering if the new model has a same sensor or if it is different. There’s no way to tell that from specifications, even though it looks very much like same one.

Then I had a out-of-the-box idea: Adobe does supply camera profile for each model, which describes how the sensor image colors map to Adobe Standard colors. Each sensor technology has different profile, and if the color profile matches, the sensor then has similar color rendition and most likely uses the same technology (same CFA, same analog circuitry). Of course, this is only Adobe’s interpretation, but I trust them to have direct communication with the camera manufacturers.

So, here’s a list of duplicate Adobe camera profiles, grouped together by those which are exactly same, apart from the model name. I find it interesting that Canon 6D and 70D have identical colors (while being physically different size) and this seems to confirm that Fujifilm X100S and X100T are indeed the same sensor.

UPDATE Dec 15, 2014

CameraRaw 8.7.1 was just released, which contains new profile for Sony ILCE-7M2 – also known as Sony Alpha 7 mk II. Again, this color profile is identical to previous A7 model.

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The Fader 0.8.985

Tourujoen yöThis release fixes issue with linear RGB curves, the previous releases algorithm caused huge colorshift for curves which had non-zero starting points. Thanks for Sarah T. for bringing this issue into my attention.

There are also some other minor improvements, e.g. the sections which do not affect current photo are dimmed (in registered version only).



Changes in version 0.8.985

  • Fixed fading Tone Curves with linear knees
  • Disable section checkboxes with same settings as current
  • Enabled fading in preset gradients even if photo has no gradients
  • Improved Process Version handing by always using preset process version
    when Camera Calibration is enabled