The Fader 0.7.899

Another big update with support for gradual filters! And as always, some little bugfixes and improvements as well.

Starting with section checkboxes, they now indicate which sections of the preset are being faded. If the section checkbox is disabled, there is no settings for that sections in the chosen preset. It is quite helpful if you have partial presets (e.g. separate split toning preset, or just curves or…)

Fading of gradual filters is now supported, but as this is a bit of advanced feature – you need to know how the presets actually work. If there is no gradual filters in the preset, The Fader will keep the current values. So, to fade out current gradual filters, you just fade in “Reset Graduated Filters” preset, which I’ve written for this purpose.

Anyway, fading gradual filters also enables special tricks with Clarity, you can add multiple 100% clarity layers to create what I call “SuperClarity“, clarity effect that exceeds the 100% range of normal clarity slider. See photo below for example on this.



Changes in version 0.7.899

  • Added fading of graduated and radial filters
  • Fixed accessing snapshots via virtual copy
  • Disable section checkboxes when chosen preset does not affect that section
  • Disabled preset caching, it caused updated presets no to do anything when