I had an old prototype old randomized RGB color curve generation routine lying around, so I added it into Leak Lite.

It generates separate Red/Green/Blue tonecurves with three points, adjusted by small amount to go a little bit off linear curve, so it looks something like a cross-processing effect. Since you can disable all other effects by unticking the checkboxes, LeakLite now functions as a color preset generator!

Leak Lite dialog


Download leaklite_r929.zip

Changes in version 0.4.929

  • Added shuffled RGB curves
  • Store checkboxes to preferences




  1. I seem to be unable to copy+paste the settings of the examples I like onto another picture. Is there a way to do this?

    1. Sure it is possible, just make sure to tick “Tone Curve” and “Graduated Filters” (under Local Adjustments) when making the copy.

      1. Oh thanks so much! I had everything checked except ‘Local Adjustments’- which of course contains the Graduated Filters that you refer to.

        Quite an amazing Plug-In – thank you for creating it.

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