1. Hi,

    I am having some issues with the Fader. I used Lightroom to apply a color preset directly; however, when I tried to correct the Opacity with the preset for the preset that I applied, I was not able to control it. the preset is not affected by my requested changes.

    The Fader only works if I apply the preset using its interface.

    Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something to get it to work?



    1. Which preset did you select on The Fader? You need to select some preset, such as Zeroed Preset, which does come with Lightroom. Unregistered version only unlocks opacity for those presets that come with Lightroom.

        1. There is a “register” button visible in The Fader section in Lightroom plugin manager. The button opens the paypal purchase page. Once Paypal has processed your payment, you will receive a transaction ID, which should be entered into the registration code field in plugin manager.

  2. Hi, I love the idea but find that often The Fader is drastically changing the effect of presets, not just fading them. Maybe i am doing something wrong? For example the standard Lightroom4 Cyanotype preset when “faded” gives green, yellow or magenta results. It appears that the Hue sliders of the Split Toning panel are also “fading” thus introducing unexpected color shifts. Would it be possible to have certain sliders fixed and only control the strength of presets?

    1. Yes, this is because all the values are linearly interpolated, and some values, like hue in split toning, can yield unexpected results when interpolated.

      I’ve been thinking about advanced view with slider per section (Basic, Split Toning, Detail, Effect…), that would probably help with that.

      1. Yes, advanced view would be useful. I am not sure though if a separate slider for the Split Toning section would fully solve the problem. Say i want to fade split toning without affecting the hue (i.e. only reduce the saturation). It would be awesome to have checkboxes for individual values to be interpolated like Hue and Saturation, if that is feasible. I imagine this could be set within Preferences in the Lightroom Plug-in Manager.

        The Fader can be really useful for “spicing” of shots with just an artistic touch of a preset. And this should give predictable results.

        Maybe also the opacity scale could be toggled in the Preferences between standard 0-100 and extended -50 to 150…

        I subscribed to your RSS feed and look forward to updates. Congrats on your great work!

      2. Hi Gary,I was fascinated by your use of this decive and the plug in. Any additional info you can provide would be most useful. If you wrote a tutorial on how to get this system completely up to speed and working, it would be awesome!Thanks,Mitch

    1. Sure, what is the error message? The actual download is working and the package is correct on the server.

  3. Thanks for creating this great software! I also get an error message. Instead of the dialogue box opening it says
    “An internal error has occurred: Could not find namespace: LRphotopictureview”

    I was trying to fade a default lightroom preset on a macbook with lightroom 3.

    If anyone could help me out that’d be great. If this software works, I’ll definitely pay the $10.


    1. You are running old Lightroom 3.x release, I recommend upgrading to 3.6 since it has lot of small fixes.

      Anyway, the LrPhotoPictureView reference was unnecessary, I simply removed it and you should now be able to run The Fader 0.5.560 with any old Lightroom version.

  4. I have downloaded and registered the fader, however I am unable to get it to work on some of my purchased presets. The presets are spring color flare and haze from pretty presets. Please advise!
    Thank you!

    1. I don’t have these presets, but if they are using gradual filters or painted layers to do their effect, they won’t currently fade with The Fader.

      If you send me a XMP file from a photo with applied preset to support#&64;capturemonkey.com, I can perhaps take a closer look. (For RAW photos, you can save XMP by selecting Photo -> Save metadata to File. XMP is in the same directory as the original photo)

    1. Sorry, I’m not getting what do you mean by autocorrect? Do you mean Lightroom’s Auto Tone? That is not really a preset, it is a button that sets basic exposure settings based on the histogram.

  5. Just downloaded fader and some of your other presets. I’m somewhat new to Lightroom (currently using version 5.4 on a mac with OS X 10.9.3) and have a problem with the presets not showing up in LR. Looking at the other preset files, they are “.lrtemplate” files, while the ones from Capture Monkey are “.lrplugin files.

    I followed the instruction in the readme file, and am now confused on how to make these work. Adobe’s documentation and help files are as usual a waste of time.

    1. These are plugins, which need to be installed from File -> Plugin Manager -> Add. See the first 10 seconds of video.

    1. First, you should select preset folder from the left dropdown menu and the preset from the right menu. Slider will then adjust the preset. Make sure to change different preset than what you had applied before, otherwise the slider will appear to do nothing.

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