Ã…terspeglingHere it is finally, the plugin for creating shuffled collections and randomly picking develop presets!

Shuffles is a set of randomized operations for Lightroom, currently containing two different functions.

  • Apply shuffled presets allows you to programmatically apply random presets from a given preset folder. This adds a nice organic touch to the collection.
  • Create shuffled collection creates collections from chosen images, so that the photos are inserted in randomized order. It is useful for collections, where the actual taking order of the images is not meaningful, such as party shots and nature photos.


Download shuffles_r931.zip

Version 0.1.931

  • Re-built, original was missing files




  1. Using Lightroom 5.6 latest version through Creative Cloud.
    Get error message when selecting shuffles collection.
    ” An internal error has occurred: error loading toolkit script “keyword” (could not load script keyword.lua: does not appear to be in the toolikit).

    Have re-downloaded and re-installed twice – still get same result.

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