Matkahuollon takasein√§I’ve added fast mode to my JPEG crunching plugin for Lightroom. The fast mode uses static scans file from jpgcrush by Loren Merritt. This also makes the plugin Windows compatible. jpegrescan script still requires Perl, so it is only available on Mac OS X.

Fast mode typically saves about 7% over Lightroom’s JPEG compression and the jpegrescans is maybe 8% savings, but it is a lot slower.

The original photo above is 9,549,175 bytes when exported from Lightroom with 100% quality. With JPEGrescan fast mode, the photo is 8,771,374 bytes, takes 2 seconds for saving 777,801 bytes without losing any quality. Full scan result is 8,719,224 bytes, but it takes 24 seconds on my Macbook (Core2 Duo from 2009).

Plugin should work with Adobe Lightroom 3.0 and later, on both OS X and Windows. (Windows version supports only fast mode.)


Changes in version 0.1.846

  • Fast mode with Windows support
  • Show notification after export is completed (LR5 only)