TubeYet another OS X linking fix. Build 580 was only working on OS X 10.8, this one works on OS X 10.7 as well.



Version 0.1.608

  • OSX build was incorrectly built and it only worked on 10.8. Fixed by
    compiling on OS X 10.7.




  1. I really like the idea of your plugin. If this works it will help save some time to pick the sharpest image.
    I’ve tested it on LR4.3 with OSX 10.8.3 and want to report two bugs:
    1. if you open just one image it shows a black border in the center of the image and it seems to me that the algorithm only analyzes the image inside this.
    2. the algorithm itself is not yet that trustworthy on every image. I tried some pretty standard headshots and the prediction was pretty much off. on black and white shots it worked fine. As well on some of my Tilt-Shift work.

    Love your work. If this algorithm gets further improved I get myself a license. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like this plugin, but I would like it on preview I can zoom it or use the second monitor to see it large with the focus mask.
    Or if this is hard to do, I would like to select the pictures and then create a virtual copy of the image with focus mask on it (apply like an effect), then I can see it large and I can decide if I refuse or not.
    For the moment the small thumb is too small to see something real on it.

    1. Currently, the mask overlay is implemented with Lightroom plugin API, which provides very basic UI controls. Adding a separate image to catalog would be possible, but that would need to be a stacked image, not a virtual copy, but I’m a bit against that because the layer is not final, it depends on the current sharpening settings etc.

      I have been experimenting with different hacks using Lightroom’s Loupe Overlay / Layout image, which is a separate layer displayed on top of current image, but since there is no API for it, the result wasn’t really useful as such.

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