Film Perforation 2012

NaruHere’s a modernized, Lightroom 4 and Process Version 2012 compatible version of the LRPAD Film Perforation Preset. The preset emulates film sprocket holes by painting black rectangles on top of a photo using adjustment brush.

This preset is based on adjustment brush, but it is stored as a preset. Nice hack, when you consider that you can’t store adjustment brushes into presets using Lightroom’s user interface.

In addition to changing Exposure to Exposure2012, this preset has two layers of perforations, meaning that it can underexpose the film sprockets by over 8 stops, which should help with the bleeding problems experiences with the LRPAD’s preset.





2 thoughts on “Film Perforation 2012

    • You can adjust the settings yourself using Lightroom’s Brush Tool, just highlight the pin and adjust the current exposure settings.

      Borders are somewhat impossible with this technique.

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