JuurakkoAdobe has released the final version of Lightroom 5, and while they have not yet released a new plugin SDK, there seems to be new methods available for plugin developers.

John R. Ellis found that there is “createVirtualCopies” method hidden in LrCatalog class, and this method seems to do what had to be done using keyboard event stuffing in earlier Lightroom versions. I’ve now updated the Excessor plugin to use this new method on LR5. Hopefully, it is more robust approach than event stuffing and looks like it is a bit faster aswell.

Additionally, this version comes with re-written Windows event stuffing. I am now using Win32 C++ code to create the keyboard presses for “Create virtual copy”, because there were numerous users with broken VBScript installations (long story short, if any installer registers VBScript.dll with wrong account, it ceases to function). Functionally, there should be no difference.


Download excessor_r801.zip

Changes in version 0.4.801

  • On LR5 uses new API, which needs no keyboard event stuffing
  • Preset folder and copyname menu now remember previously set values
  • Added preference to disable completion notification (for advanced users)
  • LR3/LR4 on Windows: Rewrote keyboard event stuffing with native code,
    because VBScript seems to be broken on many 64bit systems.