Focus Mask 0.1.580

VanamoSmall linking update to Focus Mask plugin on OS X, it no longer requires X11 libraries to be installed (X11 is the old Unix windowing system, nothing a typical user should know about).

The previous version was accidentally using PNG library from X11, I did not realise that the library shipped by default on OS X is simply a stub with requester to install X11. Since X11 is typically only installed by Unix freaks and developers, I decided to link against a static version of PNG library.



This version contains error, it only works on OSX 10.8, not OSX 10.7 as expected.

Version 0.1.580

  • OSX version no longer requires X11 to be installed

Focus Mask 0.1.535

I’ve updated the Focus Mask plugin with pick/reject buttons, which are very handy way to get rid of out-of-focus images.

Here’s my own workflow with Focus Mask. First, simply select the photos (shift-click, up to 32) and start Focus Mask plugin.

Click “Decrease Flag Status” button so that all the photos are in rejected state. Now raise the photos you see as good enough focus by clicking on “pick” or “unflagged” radio buttons (on Mac, you can also click the photo itself, its flag status is then increased). Clicking OK will make the pick changes permanent.



This plugin is only compatible with Lightroom 4. If you are running LR3, I could perhaps modify plugin so that a subset of the functionality would be available on Lightroom 3.x versions, but yet there has not been significant interest for that!

Sneak preview of focus peaking plugin

_4103785.jpgI’ve finally been implementing an old plugin idea of mine, showing in-focus areas in Lightroom. Nowadays, it seems to be called “focus peaking”. I’m processing the image and showing red dots where the suspected focus is in.

No downloadable version yet, it is still in prototype phase, but I guess the screenshots should speak for themselves:

Now downloadable

And of course, it supports viewing multiple images at once, so that you can see which images are in focus and which are not.

Currently, I’m missing cropping (focus mask is always shown from uncropped image), and ideally I’d like to add pick/reject buttons next to each image. But if there’s enough interest, maybe I could release it in beta version.