Some frequently asked questions

Nothing happens when I try to use The Fader

The Fader uses current photo settings as starting value and selected preset as the 100% value. If you select same preset as you have already applied, nothing will happen. To fade out current photo preset, select “Lightroom General Presets / Zeroed”, then sliding from 0% to 100% will change your current photo settings down to flatter look.

Plugin installation

See The Fader video, first few seconds show how to install plugin (unzip, then File / Plug-in Manager / Add)

“Error occurred while installing plug-in” is a common error, which happens if you choose wrong folder or go inside the .lrplugin folder. Lightroom expects that you click ONCE the plugin container (.lrplugin) to highlight it and then click Add Plug-in.


Registration code is your Paypal transaction ID. It should work immediately after payment is processed, but if it does not start to work in few minutes, please mail to so I can check the status. If you pay by eCheck, it takes few days before the payment is processed, and once the payment is processed, the transaction ID will automatically be registered.

If you wish to register in bulk for multiple licences or if you have a EU business VAT ID and wish to register VAT exempt, please contact me first by email.


Mail to I will answer your mail typically in 24 hours, check your spam folder if you do not see a reply in few days time.

Company Info

Capture Monkey Ltd.
Domicile Jyväskylä, Finland
Business ID: FI26292275
VAT registered