The Fader 0.6.890

Dead pelicanFading of split toning settings has always been the weak spot of The Fader, and since I’ve been using a lot of split toning lately, I decided to put some effort into improving it.

Firstly, there is now a proper interpolation algorithm for split toning hues. Earlier, it was just linear, now we are using it as an angular value. This means that if you have a split toning hue set to yellow and you are fading towards magenta, the slider value will wrap around 0 (slider left) to 360 (slider right).

Second improvement is the case when split toning hue is not set (hue 0, saturation 0) in the current settings, but you want to fade in a certain split toning effect. In this case, the hue value is now copied from the photo values, which allows smoothly fading in just the correct hue value. One case where this happens is fading of Lightroom’s built-in Zeroed preset.

Also, this release includes a spline computation fix where the result of a tone curve faded 100% to other curve would not always be exactly the same as you would expect.

And finally, I’ve added a registration reminder and removed the restriction of not being able to test fading of all presets in the unregistered version, now all preset folders are unlocked.



Changes in version 0.6.890

  • New algorithm for split hue calculation
  • Fixed fading tone curves when fading smooth curve against linear curve
    would result in non-linear curve
  • Unregistered version now allows fading of all presets, but it has delay/nagscreen