This is a simple Lightroom export plugin, which attempts to reduce JPEG files
by using different lossless compression parameters on the exported file.

There are two modes of operation; fast mode which uses static scans file; and
a brute-force method using jpegrescan script. jpegrescan is always smallest,
but it can take several seconds per image.

Lossless compression is based on jpegrescan script by Loren Merritt. The script attempts compression at different progressive scan types and leaves the best compression result in effect. Typically, it compresses Lightroom’s JPEG exports by additional 8%.

Simply install the plugin and insert the export filter in the Lightroom’s export dialog.
In the export settings, you can also optionally set removal of _ALL_ metadata, including
ICC profiles and such.

You can also see some byte statistics in the plugin manager.


Get the plugin from JPEGrescan 0.1.846