The Fader 0.7.918

JuuriaYet another maintenance release with important bug fix for Black and White mixer sliders, which got broken when I added section checkboxes (the B&W slider were not included in the HSL section, as you would have expected).

Additionally, the preset cache is back by user request. I tried several workarounds in order to get Lightroom to load presets faster, but none of them really worked. Now the plugin simply tells you to restart when it detects a missing preset.

There are also some tiny changes here and there, most visible is perhaps the warning sign for incompatible process versions. Earlier this warning sign was displayed only if you were e.g. trying to fade between photo with Process Version 2003 and preset with Process Versions 2012. Now it also displays when trying to fade color image into B&W treatment. For reasons beyond my comprehension, the color sliders in them produce different results, so it is not possible to fade between HSL and B&W mixer sliders. Of course, it is only a warning which you can freely ignore it, if you are interested in some other section values, such as Split Toning.



Changes in version 0.7.918

  • Fixed fading Black & White mix sliders (oops!)
  • Preset caching is back, with preference to disable it and cache flush
    when preset is not found.
  • Added process version warning when fading between color and B&W treatment
  • Added menu keyboard shortcut for Windows (practically useless, but it is there)
  • Workaround for disappearing ampersand characters in pulldown menus