Lightroom Post-Process Action plugin, that extracts XMP data embedded inside
the exported file into separate .XMP file, so that XMP settings can be easily
backed up.



Release notes

Version 0.1.725

  • Now shipping with built-in Exiftool
  • Tested on Windows and OS X

Version 0.1.721

  • Initial public release (Mac OS X only)


  1. Hey,

    I put this in my plugin folder, now how do I use it? Should it run automatically? It isn’t doing anything right now.


    1. First, you should install the plugin to Lightroom (File -> Plugin Manager -> Add), then you should see the plugin in the plugin list.

      After installing, you should see a new post-process action in Export dialog. Highlight XMP Extract and click insert, this will add the action to export process.

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