The Fader 0.8.1122

The Fader is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plugin for adjusting develop preset strength with a single slider

This release contains new preference for defaulting to “zeroed” preset, this allows you to
rapidly fade out too excessive presets. It is also shown first time for new users until the
first preset is selected. I hope this helps you if you are starting with The Fader.

Splashing wave

Additionally, there is now support for LR6.1 features, such as fading crop settings and dehaze slider value.



NOTE: Lightroom 6.x has issues when GPU rendering is enabled. If preset contains tone curves, the develop photo view does not update properly (smaller navigator windows does update). The work around is to click slider second time.

Changes in version 0.8.1122

  • On first run, autoselects Zeroed preset (plus preferences option)
  • LR6: Added support for Dehaze slider (new in LR 2015.1 release)
  • LR6: Added ability to fade Crop settings