I’ve updated the Focus Mask plugin with pick/reject buttons, which are very handy way to get rid of out-of-focus images.

Here’s my own workflow with Focus Mask. First, simply select the photos (shift-click, up to 32) and start Focus Mask plugin.

Click “Decrease Flag Status” button so that all the photos are in rejected state. Now raise the photos you see as good enough focus by clicking on “pick” or “unflagged” radio buttons (on Mac, you can also click the photo itself, its flag status is then increased). Clicking OK will make the pick changes permanent.


Download focusmask_r535.zip

This plugin is only compatible with Lightroom 4. If you are running LR3, I could perhaps modify plugin so that a subset of the functionality would be available on Lightroom 3.x versions, but yet there has not been significant interest for that!




    1. Well, there are some issues with Lightroom 3’s plugin support that make it hard or impossible to create this on previous version.

      Lightroom 3 API does not support picking, which is one of the key points of this plugin. Also, it does not officially support photo previews. Third, it does not have scrolling support for plugins. I’m not really convinced that LR3 version would make sense after all.

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