CourtyardOne user requested ability to select multiple images for Excessor, here’s update that makes it possible!

Apart from that, it now shares the same registration system as all my plugins, and the unregistered version has a slight delay, hoping to remind you that your support makes possible to create all these plugins.



Changes in version 0.3.579

  • Re-branding
  • Added ability to select multiple photos
  • Added registration feature (removes nagscreen)
  • Added keywording and option to remove it




  1. What is the registration cost 0f this plug-in? Does it work with presets other than the original lightroom presets?

    1. All the plugin registrations are $10. Excessor is fully functional even without registration, there is just a time delay which encourages you to register if you use it on regular basis, so yes, it operates with all presets. I’ve used it successfully to apply 1500 presets at once.

  2. Jarno

    Have donated, maybe again, but a great plugin. BTW you should flag up how to donate; I had to work it out.

    Also, I would welcome the following tweaks if you could make them.

    First, many of us have a master preset folder we use most of the time. Could you give us the option of setting this up under the plugin manager. That is, once selected Excessor runs this default folder.

    Second, could you also give us the option to switch of the screen that comes up after Excessor has run.

    Both of these tweaks are designed to speed up workflow using Excessor.



  3. i have the same problem with windows 7, its not possible to create virtual copy, i try this:
    1- uninstall the plugin to ligtroom
    2- reg delete “HKCUSOFTWAREClassesWow6432NodeCLSID{B54F3741-5B07-11CF-A4B0-00AA004A55E8}” /f
    3- c:windowssyswow64regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    4- reinstall the plugin in lightroom
    5- same problem…..

    1. Make sure that you are actually using administrator account to re-register vbscript.dll, otherwise it will install with same wrong setup.

      Looks like using VBScript is too much hassle nowadays (the registry corruption is caused by bad, non-UAC compliant installers). I’ll remove the VBScript code and replace it with some other solution for next release. After all, the script which needs to be run is four lines long 🙂

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