Registration costs $10 (payment with Paypal).

Payment — Color Label

$10.00 USD
(+VAT if in European Union)

Registration for Color Label plugin.

All Plugins Super Bundle

$25.00 USD
(+VAT if in European Union)

Registration that will unlock every plugin from!

Currently, this includes e.g. The Fader, LR/Barcodes, LR/Instagram, Focus Mask, Preset Ripper, Excessor

Additionally, this registration will also unlock any upcoming plugins.

After payment is complete, Paypal will give you a Paypal transaction ID (like 1D3342343468954574Z) or a receipt ID (looks like 1234-1234-1234-1234). This ID will be your license activation key. Please select and copy the transaction ID from Paypal page and paste it into plugin's activation code field in LR's plugin manager to proceed with plugin activation.

Please save your Paypal receipt, you might need it for activation in future, in case you reinstall Lightroom. If you use Paypal account, you can also find the activation code in your account's purchase history. If you register for single plugin, the activation code is valid for that plugin only. Bundle registration code is valid for all plugins hosted on this site.

You don't need Paypal account to register, simply choose the second option on the payment screen.

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