The Fader, the preset opacity slider plugin for Lightroom!

Instead of the boring static “100% only” presets, you can now dynamically choose how much of the preset you want to apply. And of course, The Fader goes up to 150%, so you can over-process your over processing!

The Fader, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plugin for applying develop presets with custom opacity. Starting with Lightroom 5.0, The Fader can also apply faded develop settings from snapshots!

The Fader works by dynamically applying a “faded preset”, it does not modify any of your existing presets. The Fader computes new values internally and moves all the sliders for you.


Get the plugin (version 0.8.1122)

Video tutorial

The Fader quick tutorial video

Above you can see example of results produced by The Fader.  First image is Lightroom’s “Yesteryear 1” preset, following pictures have “General – Zeroed” preset applied on top of Yesteryear, with 33%, 67%  and 90% opacity.

To fade a preset, you simply select the preset folder from the left pull down menu, and then the actual preset from the right side pull down menu.  After selecting the preset, simply adjusting the opacity slider will change its strength. The photo is updated immediately to reflect the new settings.

The Fader is distributed as shareware, you can freely try it. The only limitation is a time delay screen before starting The Fader, the registration ($10+24% VAT in EU) will remove the time delay.


    1. Unregistered version is limited to built-in presets, registration ($10) will remove this restriction. “Register” button is located in the Plug-in Manager.

        1. Auto Tone is a bit tricky option, since there is no way to know what will happen, Lightroom will calculate the basic slider values based on the histogram an its own secret algorithm, so supporting it is a bit difficult.

        1. Next Knobroom versions will be released during August. I don’t think there’s enough “crowd” for decent funding 😉

  1. I have lightroom 2 installed on my system, does the preset fader plugin work with lightroom 2? or is it just for versions 3 and 4?

    1. Plugin only works with Lightroom 3 and 4. Lightroom 2 has no API for develop presets, so plugins cannot access them.

  2. I have downloaded and am using my first plug in. The fader. The only prob i am having is how do i unlock the lock button that allows me to fade the photo?
    It wont let me move the slider or type in an amount i want to apply.

    Thank you very much.

    1. First, you need to select the preset folder from the left pulldown menu, e.g. “Lightroom Color Presets”. Next, select preset name from the right pulldown menu, e.g. “Cross Process 3”. Now, the slider is set to 100%, and adjusting it will update the photo develop settings. Registering will allow you to adjust any custom preset, not just the Lightroom’s built-in presets.

  3. new to this. saw the fader and downloaded…installation and use guide please. I added it to the plug in manager but not really sure how to access it or where to access it from…via export?


  4. Hello Jarno,
    I have Mac and PC. Will that plug-in work on both platforms, and how many times I need register for that?

  5. I downloaded the fader and purchased and put in my registration code, however, everything is still locked.. what am I doing wrong?

    1. The lock icon also indicates that you have not yet selected preset folder and the preset to be faded, the lock will disappear after the preset is selected.

  6. I’m a fairly new LR3 (mac) user and I’m a bit confused about how to install the download. When I open the download it forces LR to import panel mode. LR wants to import it as a photo, which of course it is not. Please help 🙂 Thanks.

    1. The download is a ZIP file, which needs to be unpacked first (depending on your settings, Safari might do it automatically). After unpacking, you should have a directory called “The Fader.lrplugin”, which you should move where you want to have the plugins stored. Then, start Lightroom, and open File -> Plugin Manager. Click “Add” (left bottom corner), navigate to “The Fader.lrplugin” and click “Add Plugin”.

      Plugin is loaded. Close plugin manager (“Done”), select a photo and open The Fader from File -> Plugin extras -> The Fader.

      This is also shown on The Fader quick tutorial video

  7. Thanks for the help, that worked the other day. I went back today and the fader isn’t listed as one of my plug-in extras anymore? How could it just disappear?

    1. If you delete “The Fader.lrplugin” directory, it will disappear from the plugin list. Perhaps you did not extract it to permanent location, but installed from a temporary locaton.

  8. Can the registered version be accessed more efficiently than having to go to File>Plug-in Extras>The Fader, e.g. a customized keyboard shortcut or from the Presets Panel?

    1. On Mac, you can add shortcuts in System Preferences’ Keyboard section, open the Application Shortcuts and click on the plus sign.

      With Lightroom plugins, the trick is to add three spaces before the menu entry name!

      System Preferences

  9. Launch Fader from inside Lightroom 4 on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with Keyboard Shortcut.

    I have recently upgraded my OS from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and previously I was able to create a keyboard shortcut to launch The Fader
    …The Fader and then ctl+opt+F

    But now I am unable to get this to work. Any suggestions?

    1. I am using The Fader myself with a keyboard shortcut on OS X 10.8.2 so it really should work. Make sure you are actually using three spaces in the menu title, e.g. ” The Fader”, and that the application is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

  10. I paid the donation to register but am having trouble getting it to work on some of my favourite presets in particular those with separate RGB adjustments on the tone curve.

    Can you please advise. Thank you

    1. Actually, it looks like the latest release has broken Tone Curve interpolation. I’ll post a new version as soon as I’ve fixed it.

  11. Having a problem with this, I get a pop up that says task completed – Fader and it stays on screen until I close fader.

  12. Is there a LR 5 version? This was a GREAT idea! I just moved into LR from Elements, so everything is new – I was trying to adjust the presets myself!!!!

    1. Yes, the current version works with LR5.

      There will probably be more LR5 features supported soon, but Adobe has not released the programmer’s development kit for LR5 yet.

      1. Hi. Is LR5 supported now. Or do you have an ETA for LR5 compatibility?

        Love the sound of this! I pretty much never use presets because they generally look so godawful at full strength.


    1. Yes, Registrated version fades all sliders in develop module. Gradual/Radial filter fading is coming in near future.

    1. I haven’t tested all possible presets, but generally it works for all sliders in Lightroom. Next major update (updates are free) will also support fading gradual filters.

  13. An option to not create history state after each opacity change (or other settings) would be nice, only when you hit ok.

    1. Unfortunately that is not possible, applying develop settings from a plugin always generates an entry into history list.

    1. You can try it yourself, just first just apply the preset you want and then use The Fader to apply Lightroom’s Zeroed preset (comes by default). Results may vary by preset and registered version allows you to leave e.g. split toning as it is.

      1. Thanks, I bought it, and it’s working! I’m new to LR, so here’s my final Q: let’s say I apply a preset on an image and set the fader to 50%—can I quickly “batch” that to 10 images at once so they all have the same look?

      2. So far I haven’t figured out how I can use the fader on more than one image at once (I tried turning “auto sync” on, but that didn’t work.) Any help is greatly appreciated!

        1. Well, The Fader works at one image at a time, but you can copy the settings after you are done fading (or you could even create a new preset). I use Copy Settings/Paste Settings myself, but I guess it is just an old habit of mine. Synchronize settings should work as well.

    1. Unregistered allows fading of standard Lightroom presets (select e.g. Lightroom Color Presets from folder menu and Cross Process 1 from preset menu, the slider is then unlocked). Registered version has no such restrictions.

    1. Correct, The Fader only fades sliders (and tone curves). Lightroom can’t load camera profiles in realtime, so for now they cannot be supported.

  14. Problem trying this plugin in Lightroom 5.2
    The lock icon is on and all options greyed out even when using Lightroom presets. eg. Chose Lightroom color presetCross Process 1. Then chose the same from the left and right drop down lists, but the lock icon stays on. I can move the slider but no change occurs in the image. What coould be wrong?

    1. Toggling options is only in registered version, unregistered version has all sections checked. Adjusting slider should adjust the preset strength, fading to the current develop settings (current meaning the settings before opening The Fader plugin).

  15. Thanks for the prompt reply. OK I understand that toggling options is only in registered options. However, when I move the slider, the current settings before opening the plugin,show no change.

    1. Well, it should work, but of course the results depend on the original develop settings and the faded preset.

      Simple test is to set e.g. Exposure +5.0, open The Fader and select Lightroom General Presets / Zeroed. When the preset is applied, the Exposure should jump to 0.0. Adjusting the slider will then gradually fade Exposure between 0.0 (100% Zeroed) and +5.0 (0% Zeroed).

      1. Having trouble. Downloading the fader .i saved it to my desktop.
        When I add a Lightroom plugin it says. “the fader_r804
        The folder name is not valid”


        1. It’s a .zip file, you need to extract it by double clicking it, which then creates a directory with “The Fader.lrplugin”. Adding that to Lightroom plugin manager should work.

  16. Hello? Can you please tell me if I missed something? I purchased this and still haven’t received the registration key to unlock it to use on all of my custom presets….this is frustrating… been several days

    1. I’ve sent you email on Nov 7th, describing that the Paypal transaction ID is your registration code.

      Additionally, there were two registrations with your name, I sent you a refund on the latter one on the same day, you should see it in your Paypal history. You can still use it for registration.

  17. Using Windows7, LR 5.2 (latest version as of Jan 2014) with a registered version of Fader. Some presets look quite different when opened through the Fader while others appear to be unrecognised by the Fader and are in unchangeable. But by-and-large the Fader does what it is advertised to do.

    1. If you have a preset that looks too different or is not recognized, you can send a copy of it to, I can take a look and see if there’s anything wrong with current version.

      E.g. camera profiles are not fadeable, that would require generating a new .dcp camera profile). Currently local adjustments are not yet faded, but perhaps in near future…

  18. i did not register this i downloaded it to try and every went into my lightroom but when i click on it i cant use the opacity or check any of the boxes there is a lock next to the boxes did i do something wrong?

  19. Hi! The Fader works great on my CR2 files, but the opacity slider doesn’t have any effect on a .psd document. Also, the “Cancel” button doesn’t work. Is this correct? Thanks!

    1. It works for .psd files as well, but it obviously only fades the Lightroom sliders, not your .psd layers.

      Simple test, reset image sliders, set Exposure to +5.0 and start The Fader. Select Lightroom General Presets / Zeroed (make sure that all sections are checked), and now the opacity slider should adjust Exposure.

      For cancel button, since there is no way to undo any history events in Lightroom, The Fader applies the original photo settings when cancel is clicked. This should restore the values what were in effect before starting The Fader. In case you have problems with this, you can verify its operation by hovering over the Develop view’s History steps. In case if doesn’t work for you, I’m interested to know what exactly happens.

  20. I found out about TheFader on a book on Lightroom entitled “Mastering Lightroom: Book Two” by Gibson. Yours is a great program!! I purchased the $10 registration.

    Thank you,


  21. Hi Jarno! Thanks for such an awesome plugin! Quick question: Is there any way to avoid the “Enumerating Develop Presets” step every time I bring up the plugin? It seems to me that on an older version it only this this the first time after opening lightroom and then launched much faster. My computer is getting a bit long in the tooth and those 8-10 second delays really start to add up when I’m editing a lot of images!

    I suppose that the step is necessary in order for the plugin to discover new presets that are made between uses (so you don’t have to restart lightroom) but I don’t make new presets that often and it would be really nice to have the option to turn that off.

    Again, thanks so much. This makes my time editing much more enjoyable. 🙂

    1. Yes, there was a preset cache earlier, but since there were some issues with it, I disabled it for now. I’m trying to figure out a better solution for future versions.

      1. Thanks. Looking forward to that. Do you have any “at your own risk” sort of hacks that I could use in the meantime (editing text file, etc.)? Feel free to email me privately. If not, I’ll just wait anxiously for the update! Thanks again. Brilliant plugin!

    1. Actually, it already does that if running on Lightroom 5, see the topmost folder “Snapshots”. It is only available if the current photo actually has any snapshots.

    1. No, it is for Lightroom 3 and later.

      In Photoshop, you should be able to get similar results with adjusting layer opacity, which is not possible in Lightroom.

  22. I’ve already download the fader then when I try to add it in Plug In Manager the folder was empty. I don’t know why? I already extracted it after I download. Help?

    1. Did you perhaps extract to temp directory or something? The .zip contains The Fader.lrplugin folder, which needs to be added to Plug-in Manager.

  23. Hello, I first installed The Fader in LR4/Mac OS 10.6 and had no problem following the instructions for creating a keyboard shortcut. I’ve since upgraded to LR5.7/Mac OS 10.10.2 and for some reason I’m prevented from entering the requisite three spaces before the shortcut command. As you correctly observed the shortcut won’t work without the spaces. Help gratefully appreciated!

    1. I just tried it on OS X 10.10.2, no problems here when writing three spaces and The Fader into Menu Title field. Note that the Add button does not get enabled until you have specfied both the Menu Title and and the actual shortcut key.

      1. Huge apologies, Jarno – I was trying to put the three spaces in the Shortcut box itself instead of before the name. Everything working fine – sorry to put you to the trouble of checking.

  24. Hi Jarno Heikkinen,
    I just purchase the Fader and it is very useful.
    But is it anyway you can advise to create a shortcut in Lightroom? So that i dont need point my mouse to File > Plug-in Extra > The Fader.

    Thanks Appreciate if you can help ~

    1. On Mac, you can add shortcuts with System Preferences, the trick is to add three spaces before The Fader title.
      System Preferences

      On Windows, there is no built-in solution, perhaps a third-party macro package can do it, but I don’t know about those.

  25. Dear Sirs, could you please inform me if it is possible to apply “the fader” on multiply photos?
    Thank you in advance

    1. The Fader works for single image at a time, but after you have processed one image, you can just copy the settings to other images. (Of course, if you have previously adjusted the photos, you need to use The Fader for every photo individually.)

      There are many ways to copy settings in Lightroom, one of the most powerful is to use grid or filmstrip, highlight multiple photos using ctrl+click (or cmd+click on Mac), then make sure the photo you want to copy from is “most highlighted”, if it isn’t, regular mouse click to make it most selected, then press Sync (if in Develop mode) or Sync Settings (if in Library mode).

    1. There’s a glitch with Lightroom when GPU rendering is enabled, if you have Tone Curves in preset, you need to click on the slider second time to see the results in larger view (navigator does update normally). I can’t fix this myself, and the SDK isn’t even out yet, so I have not event reported it to Adobe (there isn’t much chance that would actually fix it anyway).

      If there’s any other problem, please describe it in more detail, I can perhaps help you out.

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